John smiles to return a redshirt

According to Borna; Equal to the injury problem in the first minutes of the Persepolis match Oil For Ehsan Pahlavan, Yahya gave Kamal Kamyabi Nia a chance to be in the squad for the first time this season. Persepolis Go to the field.

Although Kamal was not present in the first minutes of the game, but with the passage of time and especially in the second half, the positive effects of the presence of this powerful and experienced Persepolis midfielder became apparent. Have a smile of satisfaction on your lips Yahya Golmohammadi Create.

Undoubtedly, Nia’s experience and technical ability can be a good thing for Persepolis, a player who has been among the Reds in the last 5 seasons of Persepolis in the last 5 seasons and is one of the most stable faces of this team in the rise of Persepolis. .

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