Jacqui Lambie’s furious Pauline Hanson speech sparks funny TikTok trend

Senator Jacqui Lambie’s furious rant at anti-vaxxers has sparked a hilarious new TikTok trend – and even she has got in on the action.

Outspoken senator Jacqui Lambie has taken TikTok by storm, sparking a hilarious and bizarre new trend off the back of her fiery pro-vaccine rant in parliament.

Senator Lambie launched a furious spray at Pauline Hanson on Monday after the One Nation leader tried to ban vaccine mandates imposed by states in parliament.

“Being held accountable for your own actions isn’t called discrimination, it’s called being – you wouldn’t believe it – a goddamn bloody adult,” Senator Lambie yelled across the senate chamber.

“That’s right, it’s being an adult. It’s putting others before yourself. That’s what this country is supposed to be about.

“We don’t have lockdowns and border restrictions because state premiers love discrimination. That’s rubbish.”

The Tasmanian senator’s impassioned slap-down impressed content makers on the popular video app TikTok who proceeded to make a poppy remix of the speech complete with dance moves fit for a nightclub.

One video also shows Senator Lambie’s face pasted onto the bodies of various Victoria’s Secret models as they strut down the runway to the sound of her fiery speech.

Senator Lambie has built a strong following of older voters for her frank and commonsense views, but she has gained popularity with younger Australians for her recent take-down of anti-vaxxers.

“Who ever thought Jacqui Lambie would ever become iconic?” wrote TikToker Jeff Van de Zandt on Wednesday.

Senator Lambie embraced the trend, retweeting many of the TikToks and even deciding to make a version of her own – complete with unique dance moves.

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