Issues and problems of four cities in the northeast of Fars were examined

Seyed Mohammad Hosseini, the parliamentary vice president, who traveled to Shiraz province with Ayatollah Ra’isi, the president, and the government delegation, went to some cities in the province today to witness the problems of the people and the region.

According to the government’s information base, Hosseini visited Bakhtegan Lake during this trip and received a report from experts on the reasons for the drought and its decline for the government board meeting.
Hosseini also visited the dairy factory, the sports field of phase 5 and the hospital being established in Fasa city and was closely informed about the problems of this city.

Hosseini in Estahban, while attending the Martyrs’ Flower Garden and paying tribute to the precious martyrs, visited Estahban Hospital, Datik Farm, Wastewater Treatment Plant, Faculty of Quranic Sciences and Imam Khomeini Hospital in Estahban. He met and talked.

In Neyriz, after being welcomed by officials and a group of people, Hosseini visited the Layers Pass road construction project and the construction process of this road, the Edge and Neyriz Pass, the non-coplanar intersection of the city entrance, and the Neyriz Highway.

The parliamentary vice president also visited the Bagherabad marble mine, Bakhtegan Lake and Imam Hadi Hospital in Bakhtegan city of Fars province.

He also participated in the meetings of the administrative council of these cities to hear the issues, suggestions and speeches of city officials.

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