Israel hopes for a better nuclear deal in the Vienna talks

Expressing hope for a better deal in the Vienna talks, Gantz said: “A good deal is to fill the gaps in the previous agreement on nuclear progress, the missile program, the timing of Iran’s nuclear program and its activities in the region.”

Negotiations to revive the nuclear deal in Vienna, six rounds of which were held between Iran and the Borjam member states and attended by a US delegation at the talks until June (June 1400), were postponed after the Iranian presidential election.

The new Iranian government has recently announced that the seventh round of talks will resume on November 29 after reviewing the results of the previous six rounds of talks. Iran has stressed that the purpose of these talks is to lift US sanctions.

The US government has also said that it prefers a diplomatic path with Iran to resolve its nuclear issue and is ready to return to the Vienna talks in good faith and in a reciprocal return with Iran in full compliance with the nuclear deal.

The United States withdrew from the Borjam agreement during Donald Trump’s presidency in 2018 and imposed new sanctions on Iran while returning the lifted sanctions.

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