Is the handball players’ strange criticism of Professor / Fernandez a teacher or a coach?

According to the sports correspondent of Fars News Agency, the Iranian national handball team must prepare for the Asian Championships and the World Championships hosted by Tehran. Alireza Pakdel, the president of the Handball Federation, after many struggles and negotiations with various options, finally agreed with “Manuel Montaya Fernandez” that this Spanish coach will lead our national team in the leading matches.

The Spanish head coach of our national team, born in 1959 in Barcelona, ​​Spain, has a doctorate in sports science from the University of Barcelona and the highest coaching degree in Spain and Mr. Koch in Europe. Full knowledge of Asian handball, considering the experience of his presence alongside the famous and legendary Valero Rivera for 6 years in the Qatari national team, can be considered as one of the strengths of this coach. It has brilliant various global and international titles.

In terms of Fernandez’s coaching experience at the club level, we can mention the coaching of Granollers from 1992 to 1996, and in the same year he became the champion of the region of Catalonia with this team. He then reduced his coaching career for a short time, but after returning to the same team from 2002 to 2008, he qualified for the European Club Championship. He also led the Romanian national handball team from 2019 to 2020.

Sixth place at the 2010 European Championships, fourth place at the European Championships in Serbia 2012, third place at the World Championships in Sweden 2011, first place at the World Championships in Spain 2013, first place at the 2011 European Super Cup and participation in the Olympics as the coach of Spain In 2012, Fernandez was one of the honors of the Spanish national team.

He also worked as an assistant coach for the Qatari national team for some time, including his honors for winning first place at the Asian Championships in Bahrain 2014, won first place at the Asian Championships in Bahrain 2016, won first place at the Asian Championships in South Korea 2018, won first place at the Incheon Asian Games 2014, won second place at the World Men’s Handball Championship in Qatar in 2015,
Eighth place in the world France 2017, won the first place in the Asian Olympic qualifiers in Qatar 2015, participated in Handball matches Olympics mentioned as the coach of the Qatari national team in Rio 2016.

Fernandez also worked in the grassroots for some time, and among the titles he won at this time was the Asian Youth Championship as the coach of the Qatari national youth team in Tabriz – Iran 2014, the ninth place in the World Youth Championship with the Qatari national team in Brazil. 2015, 21st World Championship with Qatar National Team in Algiers 2017, Asian Youth Champion with Qatar National Team 2014 and
He mentioned the 11th place in the 2015 World Junior Championships in Russia.

Received a bronze medal in handball from the Spanish Federation, received a silver medal in sports track from the Catalan Handball Federation, received a gold medal in sports from the government and the Spanish Ministry of Culture, Education and Sports, received a special name as an excellent coach from His other honors include the Spanish Handball Federation and the instructor of the World Handball Federation.

So far, the Iranian national handball team has held two stages of training camp under the supervision of Fernander, who is known as a professor in the world of handball. Some experts in the field believe that Manuel’s work model is more like that of the World Federation instructors and does not show any sign of a professional coach. This critique can be examined in several ways; First of all, there is no conflict between a coach and a coach of the World Federation. At the same time, as a better teacher, he can share his knowledge and information with his students. On the other hand, the professor’s work history shows his position among world handball coaches.

“Rivera, the head coach of the Qatari national team, is also a teacher,” Masoud Zahrabi, the coach of the national handball team, who is also Fernander’s assistant, told Fars News Agency’s sports correspondent in response to the criticism. The coaches of the Danish and Bosnian national teams are also coaches of the World Federation. Manuel’s main character in the upcoming tournaments will be more clear, but he is really with science and knowledge. Hope players and members Frame Technically able to are you well “Use his knowledge.”

Another criticism of Manuel’s performance is that he lacks the passion and prestige of a coach, but this can also be viewed from several angles. The question is how the critics came to such a conclusion without seeing Fernandez perform in an official tournament with the Iranian team. While most of the critics were not present at the national team’s training camp, it could be wrong to make this criticism from the root.

“I think my friends are misinforming the national team coach and are looking to destroy him,” Zahrabi said. Everything is filmed and everything In the form of Accurate and regular is done under the supervision of the head coach. Manuel laughs and jokes with the players whenever he needs to, and deals with them decisively when he needs to be serious. He knows very well when to encourage and when to punish. “I do not know what the critics mean by lack of passion, but Fernandez has so far shown that he knows well how to manage a team.”

However, we must admit that it is too early to evaluate the performance of a coach who has recently arrived in Iran and has not yet taken any serious action. Given that the Asian Handball Confederation has hosted our country and donated it to Saudi Arabia, it may be better for handball players to unite inside the country so that we can see the national team shine in the Asian Championship. Permission to participate in the World Cup can undoubtedly mean the revival of Iranian handball.

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