Implementation of a study plan of 5 important and necessary projects in Khorramabad Municipality / Weak financial resources have closed our hands

According to the Borna news agency from Lorestan, Fotouhi stated in a meeting with Farhad Ziviar, the governor of Lorestan, which was carried out with the members of the Islamic Council of Khorramabad: These five important and necessary projects: construction of the first phase of surface water disposal network, first phase of Enqelab Boulevard Construction of Masour Bridge, construction of Shariati non-level intersection and construction of Goftgoo Park (Zero Seven Barracks) We need the personal support of the governor and allocation of the necessary budget for implementation.

He added: Due to the approaching rainy season, and flooding of roads that we have been witnessing for years, in the area of ​​Tir Square from the current credits, 550 meters of drilling and piping to guide surface water with a credit of 3 billion tomans with progress 70% physical running

Fotuhi specified: Disposal of surface water of Goldasht three-way to the end of Hekmat town, whose full operation is 3,000 meters long, 1100 square meters of it remains

He said: 150 billion tomans of credit is needed to direct 60 meters of surface water to the 9D bridge.

The mayor of Khorramabad stated: The Bam Khatereh project in the neighborhood behind the bazaar, despite the fact that no credit has been foreseen for it in 1400, but these days we are paving the way and 5 billion tomans have been financed from the current credits, maybe it will Let’s move on, but we will do our best to complete this project

He stated: In the body of the municipality, we have formed a design team consisting of: architect, urban planner, green space designer, etc., which has saved between 400 and 500 million Tomans in favor of the municipality in the discussion of designing a dialogue park.

Fotouhi pointed out: for the entrances of the city; From the airport, Kuhdasht, Boroujerd and Aleshtar, we have prepared a plan. In one case, part of the land is in conflict, which we are resolving.

The mayor of the capital of Lorestan province emphasized: we are trying to solve the problem of Khaidalu street for many years before 1400. Meanwhile, Kio amusement park has had about 50% physical progress until today and will be operational by the end of the year; other projects such as : Yas Park, the municipal office building of District 3, the reorganization of Sarab Yas Monastery, Salamat neighborhood park on Abshar St. 6, District 1, Nastaran neighborhood park, Pajouhandeh Boulevard, Asadabadi Park, etc. are being renovated.

“The lack of financial resources has closed our hands and our projects are moving slowly. If we strengthen in the field of development credits, we will undoubtedly take effective measures in the city in the near future,” Fotouhi said.

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