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Hossein Asgari has sharply criticized the Football Federation.

According to the supporters, Hossein Asgari told Fars about the letter that is said to have been written by the judges for VAR to enter the president:

If someone reads the text of this letter correctly from the beginning to the end, it is a pure lie. Unfortunately, Afsharians are democratizing and fleeing forward with these actions. In the week when 4 matches were changed due to refereeing mistakes, the attack was moved to another direction with this letter.

He added:

I really do not know what to say, but does the president have enough time to go to the VAR and enter it? The president has a lot of political and domestic concerns, but with a fake letter, they want to move the space so that the refereeing mistakes of last week are not visible.

The country’s football refereeing expert said:

At the very least, if you want to make a fake letter, follow its rules and set it up for someone who knows what VAR history is. The letter says that VAR has been helping referees in world football for more than a decade, but it is really embarrassing that they do not even know when this system entered the football arena. Interestingly, the president has been asked to mediate so that VAR can come to Iranian football.

Askari continued:

The people are in so much trouble, but these gentlemen have ridiculed everything. VAR has only been in the world of football for 4 years and was used in the World Cup in Russia. Do we have more lies than this? Gentlemen wrote in a letter that is completely fake. Most countries in the world have this video system. There are 47 member countries of the confederation in Asia and only 7 to 8 countries use this advanced system. How do you rudely say that most countries in the world have VAR?

He mentioned:

Afsharian has been on the jury for 8 months, but this committee has not been formed yet. The law states that the committee should have a chairman, a vice-chairman and several members, but there is no committee and no member. I talked about this a few months ago, but the gentlemen became sour.

“This fake letter has played with the reputation of the judges,” he said.

First of all, when someone writes a letter, it must have its name and signature on it, especially when a group letter has been collected. Secondly, all our judges are in the cities, where are they gathered that such a letter has been approved and signed by them? My other question is whether Mr. Davarzani wrote a letter to the President when the video check entered the Volleyball Federation? Demagoguery clearer than the gentlemen did?

He reminded:

Last week, the results of 4 matches were changed due to refereeing mistakes, in the game between Persepolis and Naft, goals and penalties were not clearly scored. In the textile game and Peykan, the textile defender made a serious mistake outside the court, but the referee did not make a mistake at all, and if we wanted to be kind to him, he had to give a yellow card to the opposing player. The goal scored by the textile team was scored by mistake, but the referee did not see them. In the match between Masjed Soleyman and Mes Naft, except for the penalty announced by the referee, two other penalties should have been taken.

The former referee of the country’s football emphasized:

In the match between Fajr Sepasi and Sepahan, the striker of the guest team hit the defender of Fajr, and while the error should have been declared the opposite, this did not happen and the same shot became Sepahan’s first goal. On the second goal, the Sepahan defender clearly made a mistake on the Fajr player, but the referee did not declare a mistake on that scene, and the second goal of the team was counterattacked. Do you think that if VAR enters football, every game should be stopped 10 times? In the whole of world football, and especially in European clubs whose leagues are 20 teams, the VAR may be used only once or twice a week, but here everyone is waiting for the VAR to cover up other problems.

Askari thanked Ali Khosravi for talking about the judges’ letter and said:

I thank Mr. Khosravi for pointing to a key issue. He claimed that the name of the judges is courage and that they should judge and act with courage. It is interesting that Mr. Afsharian claims to have held 16 classes to date, but he does not know that holding classes has rules and protocols. Classes last between 3 and 5 days, but men hold one-day classes. There is no record that all these mistakes are made in a week of competitions. Unfortunately, the federation only claims legitimacy, but for 8 months the chairman of the jury acted as the supervisor. Is the violation more obvious? Isn’t it a violation that the jury only has one or two members? I also criticize the members of the media for writing a letter to the President of the Media as a letter from the judges, while the text of the letter is clearly false. How can the media not be surprised? In this letter, the gentlemen claimed that VAR has entered world football for nearly a decade. Isn’t this a question mark for the media?

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