Horror series that surpassed “Composite Game” + Photo

According to Eqtesadonline, quoting the Journalists’ Club, the horror and Korean series “Hell” was able to become the most watched Netflix series by passing the “composite game”.

  Hell series

The series, which, like “Squid Game” has a transcendental, violent and scary theme, became the network’s most popular series in the first 24 hours of its Netflix run in 80 countries, replacing “Composite Game”.

The story of the series “People of Hell”

This fantasy and violent Korean series tells the story of extraterrestrial beings whose descent to earth coincides with sending people to hell and forming a religious sect based on the idea of ​​divine justice.

  Hell series

According to data from FlixPatrol Data Analysis Company, the Hell series on November 20 (Saturday, November 29) within 24 hours of the start of broadcasting, surpassing the composite game series to become the most popular Netflix series in more than 80 countries. شد.

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