Hiring an insurance sales expert in Saman Insurance Company in Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari – “O employment”

Hiring Saman Insurance

Saman Insurance Company in the direction of entrepreneurship; Complete the manpower and achieve the goals of the year 1400 Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari province Invites the following qualified individuals to participate.

Job position Achievement conditions Advantages
Insurance sales expert
  • Gender: Madam, sir
  • contract type: Full time, part time

General conditions:

  • Having the citizenship of the Islamic Republic
  • Having 20 years to 40 years
  • Having an end of service card (for men)
  • Note: Admission of employees, retirees and students does not require an end-of-service card
  • High art of expression and public relations
  • Familiarity with computers
  • Have a diploma or higher
  • No need to have capital
  • Possibility of job growth
  • Stable, unlimited and excellent income
  • Professional support
  • Free and continuous training

Eligible applicants are requested to submit their resume to WhatsApp below.

Please refrain from calling.

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