Hiring a Russian language teacher at the Iran-Russian School of Foreign Languages ​​in Tehran – “O Hiring”

Recruitment of Iran-Russian Foreign Language School

Specialized center for teaching Russian-Iranian language (under the supervision of Iranian-Russian language school) to complete its educational staff in Tehran City Invites committed and specialized Russian language instructors as well as Russian instructors who are capable of teaching specialized courses in chemistry and biology in Russian.

Job position Achievement conditions Advantages
Russian language teacher
  • Gender: Madam, sir
  • contract type: Full-time
  • Related education (senior or undergraduate) or native instructor
  • For face-to-face, online, private and group teaching at the school or sending a teacher on site
  • Collaboration is not only possible online.
  • Commitment to work, professional ethics, interest in teaching and desire for long-term cooperation are the main requirements.
  • People with experience or ability in teaching specialized courses in biology and chemistry in Russian for the second part of Padfak courses and …
  • Depending on the type of contract and cooperation, benefits, insurance and others will be announced.
  • Possibility to use complementary training courses of the institute
  • Suitable working conditions

Eligible applicants are requested to provide their required resume and description Mentioning the desired city of Tehran Send to WhatsApp below.

Please refrain from calling.

You will be contacted after the initial review.

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