Handball Premier League Superiority of Dashtestan stars

According to Vanannews,

On the second day of the third round of the Handball Premier League, an hour ago, the two teams of Dashtestan Stars and Naja Qom Pass went to the field, and in the end, the stars won the match.

The stars ended the first half of the match with a strange result of 14 to 5 in their favor. The pass came to its senses in the second half, and although it was able to ride in the minutes of the match and reduce this difference in points, but in the end, the stars won the match with 12 differences and a result of 27 to 15.

Before this match, the ground force of Shahid Shamli Kazerun was able to defeat Sepahan Isfahan Steel in a fascinating game with a result of 25 to 23 in order to remain in the lead.

It should be mentioned that in today’s last game from 19:30, Sepahan Novin is facing Kerman Copper Industry.

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