Haghighatpour: The Zionists are seeking legitimacy through anti-Iranian actions

Mansour Haghighatpour, Deputy Chairman of the National Security Commission of the Ninth Assembly, in an interview with a parliamentary reporter of Fars News Agency, referring to the cooperation Shirin Ebadi And Masih Alinejad with the Zionists to impose restrictions on Iranian sports in the international arena said: Ms. Shirin Ebadi and Alinejad are not sympathetic to the Iranian nation in any way and have always taken action against the Iranian nation as much as possible.

He added: “Ms. Shirin Ebadi, who introduces herself as a supporter of the deprived nation of Iran, lives in Europe and is enjoying herself, and then says that I am a supporter of the poor and deprived nation of Iran.”

The deputy chairman of the National Security Commission of the Ninth Assembly stated: Ms. Alinejad also had political and moral corruption inside the Islamic Republic. Instead of her statements and actions, Ms. Alinejad should explain what political and moral corruption she was committing in the house in Mirdamad.

Haghighatpour pointed out: Ms. Alinejad is working as a political, moral and cultural agent of the Zionists today due to these political and moral corruptions.

He added: “These people do not have the authority to defend the Iranian nation, these people are tools that are used in a timely manner and tomorrow will be thrown in the trash as a dirty paper towel.”

Referring to the Zionist efforts to deprive Iran of sports, the deputy chairman of the National Security Commission of the Ninth Assembly said: “The Zionist regime seeks to gain legitimacy by doing so, but it does not know that an impure object will never be cleansed.” The Zionist regime is an illegitimate regime and an illegitimate child will never be pure unless he dies and is buried under the ground.

Haghighatpour pointed out: The Supreme Leader of the Revolution has announced a 25-year expiration date for the Zionist regime, 5 years have passed since that 25-year date, and we will see the overthrow of the evil Zionist regime in the next 20 years.

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