Gorgan Prosecutor’s Office Involved in Jungle Eating Case

According to Eqtesadonline, the Public Prosecutor of Gorgan said after the field visit: “Investigations show that in this area, national lands have been encroached upon, and despite the warning that we had given to the provincial and city officials a few days ago to seize natural resources.” , No action has been taken yet.

Mahmoud Spanloo added: the violators dried the trees over time by axing the trunks of the forest trees, and then pushed the border of the agricultural lands towards the forest.

Spanlow said: in a telephone call with the officials of the province’s natural resources, a week was set to take action to remove the occupation of this area, otherwise they should be held accountable for the reason for the delay in reporting and reporting this violation in the prosecutor’s office.

He added: “Natural resources should also determine the border of agricultural lands with national lands in the commission within a specified time in order to prevent the advance of agricultural lands towards the forest.”

Gharq Forest Park is located 24 km from Gorgan between Gorgan and Aliabad Katoul.

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