“Garden Party” is my latest work in the theater / This play contains a collection of hopes, sufferings and sorrows / It can be seen that the new Minister of Culture and Guidance is slowly untying the knots created in art

Houshang Tavakoli about the economic situation these days Society And Salary Actors with a reporter Culture and Art The Berna news agency interviewed what you are considering below;

Regarding his recent activities, he said: “I am currently working on a pre-production for a play called ‘Garden Party’, which will be staged in December.” The subject of the show to the era after Coup d’etat of 28 August And Cultural Day Iran and the United States Returns. The Americans were doing art under the pretext of this day and trying to people of Iran Communicate.

The actor in response to the question of what will be the feedback from the show? He stated: I am late for a work of art due to being selected Play I do. This play also attracted my attention and made me play a role in it. In fact, this play contains a collection of hopes, sufferings and sorrows, and I hope this work can establish a good relationship with others.

Regarding the amount of production during the Corona period, Tavakoli said: “Production preparations will be provided over time, because during the Corona period, many people tried to continue their work by observing the rules and difficult conditions, and unfortunately, some of their artists also worked in this way.” we lost. I am witnessing a positive movement in the field of art and somehow people will enter the field of production slowly and calmly.

Why is there so much difference between actors’ salaries? Stated: Cultural policy before, Contraction policy And a set of production activities in the field of theater and to some extent cinema and Music But because the cinema contained a spectacular showcase, it provided costs for some people, and these costs caused some wages to rise falsely and to be at the level of rumors, and this subject to the work and burden of production for Manufacturers who this Fund They did not have them and they worked in a completely natural and reasonable way. It was not a good action for us either and its effect still remains. This type of high costs and wages are only for one percent of the artists and the rest during the previous period Poverty And they lived in isolation, and now the artists are hoping to get into production based on the management ahead, the promises made and the changes that are going to be made, and the openings on the way.

This Movie and TV actor In this regard, does his salary in acting correspond to the current economic situation or not? He pointed out: I do not make a living through acting and it has been about several years since I entered Broadcasting I have not been, and according to the many proposals I had from that position, but I did not cooperate with them because the mechanisms were wrong, but I hope that the management in the future will pay attention to these mechanisms and find solutions so that the main production forces enter the labor jirga. .

Houshang Tavakoli in the end and in this regard what you asked from Ministry Culture and guidance Islamic And a new boss Television has it? To the reporter Berna He said: “When the period of contraction takes place, in fact, they try to create crises in all production routes and tie them to work and disrupt the collection and artistic and cultural activities. In general, every new manager needs time to be able to do this.” Unravel the complex knots, and unfortunately, untying these knots takes a lot of energy and requires appropriate conditions, but I see the Minister of Culture, Mr. Mohammad Mehdi Ismaili, being able to untie these knots slowly, and in the promises and conversations he had with the artists. He has started talking. The new director of the Radio and Television also wants to untie the knots and is trying to Difficulties And remove obstacles one by one. Perhaps the title and slogan of the year can be untied and the result of this untying can be seen in the products that will be produced next year.

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