Fasa city is one of the livestock centers of the country

The Minister of Jihad for Agriculture, stating that Fasa city has more than 800,000 heads of light and heavy livestock, said: This city is the center of animal husbandry in Fars province and the country, so along with the existing industrial activities, investment in animal husbandry in this city is important. Is.

According to the government’s information base, quoting the Ministry of Jihad for Agriculture, Seyyed Javad Sadati Nejad entered Fasa city in the last stage of his trip to Fars province, and after visiting several agricultural projects, told reporters: This city has export capabilities. It has a top below the livestock section.

The Minister of Jihad for Agriculture, referring to the demand of livestock farmers to facilitate the export of livestock, said: “With the decision that has been taken regarding the export of livestock in a limited way, we hope that work will be done in this field.”

According to him; Given the popularity of Iranian livestock in the markets of neighboring countries, the recent decisions are a good opportunity to prevent livestock smuggling and also to provide some benefits and demands of farmers.

Sadati Nejad also pointed to the excellent work that has been done in the field of greenhouses in Fasa city and said: Ghias Abad Greenhouse Complex is a multi-purpose complex of greenhouses, cold storage and product grading that will be constructed and completed in Is running.

He put on the agenda the issues of granting facilities to the executors and handing over the lands of Ghiasabad greenhouse project according to the existing capabilities and capabilities.

He pointed to the need to develop palm groves and plant palm trees, especially commercial cultivar palm trees, as one of the main axes of the Ministry of Jihad Agriculture in Fars province and other date-producing provinces, and added: It is a promotional and modeling work for the development of planting economic cultivars.

The Minister of Jihad for Agriculture, stating that the necessary support in the field of facilities and licensing is provided by his ministry, said: Commercial and economic activities in the field of agriculture will be pursued vigorously; We have seen a credit line for conversion and greenhouse industries for Fars province in this trip, which dear investors can benefit from.

Sadati Nejad said: “Based on the visit of the president to one of the villages and livestock issues during this trip, with the planning that has been done, from next week we will make a suitable allocation to the country’s livestock farmers;” I hope it will be a good achievement for the nomadic and rural community.

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