Elimination of brokerage with the support of producers / production and supply sector requires a reorganization and reorganization

“Nasser Zakeri” in an interview with a reporter Berna “Domestic producers can not benefit from the high added value of their products due to brokerage relations and the dominance of trade relations,” he said. Liquidity Top in Economy And traditional communications in the distribution and trade sector, a kind of unproductive brokerage relations in all economic areas of the country, such as Crops And industrial products have been created.

He continued: “These extensive brokerage relations have caused the manufacturer in many areas to lose the power to set prices in the market for their product and as a result Fund Commerce earns much more profit and profit than manufacturing activities.

He stressed: This is a part of Rights It is the manufacturer who sets the price of his product in the market with a specific formula, but the fact is that in the case of many goods, the manufacturer does not have the power to manage the market. It is the brokers who set the price according to their own interests in the market. That is why if the price of goods rises, the producer does not make a profit and all of it goes to the broker.

He continued: The same issue exists in the field of car market. Ie producer, car With all the problems in production is marketed but to reach the consumer through the broker Play Extensive profits are made by a number of capital owners. The brokerage system does not allow direct communication between producer and consumer until it gets its share of this flow, this is a serious problem in The country’s economy Is.

Zakeri emphasized: the capitals that are in the field of distribution and brokerage have a higher return than the capitals in the field of production, that is, the orientation of our economy is a non-productive orientation. Even setting budgets, services and financial facilities that Government In the economy, spending is practically formed in such a way that the income of brokers and Income Non-productive activities are much more than productive and productive.

The economist continued: “The elimination of brokerage in the country’s economic cycle requires a broad movement to support the real production sector and real producers.” When the economic system finds itself in this unhealthy situation, in many cases we are confronted with the phenomenon that the producer is not really a producer and does unproductive activities, but bears the title of producer.

He continued: “The production sector needs to be rearranged and reorganized so that the stray capitals that dominate the market move towards productive production and the barriers to direct and constructive communication between the consumer and the producer are curbed.”

He added: “We are facing the same problem in the field of exports. Many activists in the export sector may not be real exporters and export goods that have no economic justification for the country.”

Problem researcher Economical Stated: Once the real producer is identified, it can be done with cheap banking facilities and status Terms and Conditions Support for growth National production Helped and in section Importation We can also impose restrictions on imports due to domestic production capacity. To Production support Nationally, we need a comprehensive program using collective wisdom and the experience of compassionate experts to be able to support the real production sector and the productive sector of the economy.

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