Distribution of 10,000 food parcels in the empathy and benevolence exercise in Isfahan

Ayatollah Seyyed Yousef Tabatabai-Nejad, in the sixth period of the livelihood donation exercise of the Imam Khomeini Command, thanked the members and staff of the headquarters for carrying out this exercise of kindness and empathy and said: “From the past until now, especially during the outbreak.” coronavirus Very beautiful and valuable activities have been done in line with the charitable contributions of the headquarters in the province and the country.

The Friday Imam of Isfahan, pointing out that in the same period, a large number of bags and stationery have been distributed to students and 10,000 food packages in Isfahan province, added: They take action, I appreciate and thank them.

He said that in this exercise, the benefactors have taken great steps in this valuable work with a great reward, with the leadership of the executive staff of Imam Khomeini (as). That is, to donate money from his property every month or every year to help the poor.

Tabatabai-Nejad stated: Even people who have a very financial situation are you well They should not think that helping the rich is their duty, but they should spend as little as they can to help the poor and give alms.

Turaj Haji Rahimian, Director General of the Executive Headquarters of Imam Khomeini (as) in Isfahan Province, continued the ceremony: “Today, the sixth stage of empathy and feeling for the efforts of this headquarters began with the distribution of 10,000 food parcels by jihadi groups to the needy.”

He continued: “Since the beginning of the Corona outbreak, 128,000 livelihood packages have been distributed among deprived compatriots throughout the province, and in this regard, a total of 28,000 student bags with stationery have been donated to deprived students.”

Haji Rahimian pointed out: 220,000 packages of meat will be distributed among the needy people of the province in the future and so far 120,000 packages of chicken have been donated among the needy.

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