Destruction of an arms smuggling gang in Alborz province

In this complex operation, a significant number of Kalashnikov rifles and pistols were discovered along with their ammunition.

A 31-year-old member of the gang said about his goals of entering the field of arms smuggling: “I entered this field due to financial problems at the suggestion of a friend of mine due to high profits.”

He added: “By finding a customer in Alborz province, we were looking to sell these weapons.”

Another member of the gang for smuggling and selling weapons stated about the reasons for entering this area: in the last stage, we were supposed to sell about 200 to 300 weapons to a customer in Alborz province.

He added: “We showed the sample of the weapon to the buyer for expertise and we were supposed to deliver a large number of weapons to the buyer.”

The defendant continued by pointing out that on his way to one of the western provinces of the country, I bought the weapons and transferred them to Tehran by embedding them in a car.

“We had 24 Kalashnikov rifles and 51 Kalashnikov rifles when we were arrested,” he said, referring to the number of weapons found in the gang.

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