Correspondence of the Steelers with the National Security Council / Debt deferral and prevention of factory gas cuts

In a letter to the Supreme National Security Council, the Steel Association demanded that the steel industry not cut off gas supplies in the autumn and winter, as well as a six-month delay in repaying the facilities of steel chain companies. According to Fars News Agency’s economic correspondent, the Iranian Steel Producers Association in a letter to the Supreme National Security Council, while explaining the damage to the country’s steel industry due to power outages of steel units, its six proposals to compensate part of the damage to the industry Due to electricity limitations offered. “As of this writing, power outages have resulted in the loss of at least 82 full days of steel industry production since the beginning of this year, with a direct loss of $ 6 billion and $ 300 billion for the national economy,” the letter said. Thousands of direct and indirect jobs are completely lost or limited. The Steel Association has demanded that the gas of the steel industry not be cut off in the autumn and winter, and that the repayment of facilities provided by chain companies, the payment of tax installments and other government debts of steel producers be delayed for 6 months.
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