Charges against Ibrahim Raisi to the US Attorney General

His Excellency the Attorney General of New York

Considering that Mr. Ibrahim, the head of Sadat known as Reisi, has been consistently violating fundamental human rights in various judicial positions for the past 40 years, such as:

A- Despite the fact that according to Article 36 of the Iranian Constitution, “the sentence of punishment and its execution should be only through a competent court and in accordance with the law” but

1- Due to his vampire temperament, while he was the representative of the Revolutionary Prosecutor of Tehran, not the Prosecutor himself !!!! .

2- The mission of this three-member committee according to Khomeini’s order and fatwa (not according to the law) was that if the majority of its members recognize that dissidents are opposed, whether accused or convicted !!! Remain in their position to execute.

3- Khomeini’s fatwa on the murder of Salman Rushdie The author of the book Satanic Verses differed from his fatwa on the murder of political dissidents: for example, in the case of Salman Rushdie, the fatwa included the murder of one person, himself, while the fatwa on the murder of dissidents included thousands of people. Salman Rushdie’s assassination has not yet taken place, while thousands of dissidents have been executed and their bodies have not even been returned to their families.

4- In order to determine survival on the position of dissidents, there was no need to form a court, even in a formal and formal manner, like Khalkhali, who issued the death sentence in a few minutes without the presence of a lawyer and without observing the principles of the trial. It was enough for the two members of the death committee to recognize in any way possible that the accused or dissident, who had previously been sentenced to imprisonment and had served part or all of his sentence, remained in his position to be executed.

5. Therefore, in the execution of thousands of dissidents, there was no law or even a trial, only two members of the three-member committee made decisions, and in many cases the role of Ibrahim Reisi alongside the security official was decisive. And this massacre became the ladder of progress in a way that in the last three decades, he became the head of the General Inspectorate and the Attorney General and the first deputy of the judiciary and the head of the judiciary.

B- Despite the fact that according to Article 159 of the Constitution, the judiciary is the official source of grievances and complaints, and the formation of courts and the determination of their jurisdiction is subject to the rule of law. During his tenure as Supreme Judicial Officer, there were not only illegal and specialized courts (such as the Economic Crimes Court and the Special Clerical Court) in violation of Article 159 of the Constitution, but he was also the Special Clergy Prosecutor and the clerics opposed to Khamenei. Was chasing. It should be noted that the Special Clerical Court has sometimes punished lay opponents, such as Dr. Mozaffarian, a surgeon and university professor. Shiraz who was executed by the Shiraz Special Clerical Court.

C- In suppressing the protests of November 2009, Reisi had a key role, as follows: They received 100 percent of the price of gasoline, without any preliminaries or psychosocial grounds. They poured gasoline, but the government brutally dragged them to the ground and blood, so that according to international sources, 1,500 people, but according to our estimates, martyred several thousand protesters, injured many and prosecuted many, and severely punished They sentenced him to death. In other words, Reisi was one of the causes and decision makers of the 300 percent increase in the price of gasoline, which provoked a protest from the people, and in the judiciary headed by him, the protesters were prosecuted and sentenced to severe punishments, including the death penalty.

D. Mr. Reisi, through election engineering by Khamenei and widespread fraud, which was recognized by the international community and the vast majority of the Iranian people boycotted the election and practically turned it into (not a big referendum on the Islamic Republic) as president. The Iranian nation has been imposed and may travel to New York to attend the annual session of the UN General Assembly.

C. Considering that two norms and norms of international law are intersecting in the case of his visit to New York, one is the principle of “ruling diplomatic immunity” and the other is the principle of “international jurisdiction of domestic judicial authorities to prosecute major violators of fundamental human rights and crimes against humanity.” The same principle under which Mr. Reisi’s former deputy, Mr. Abbasi, known as Nouri, is currently on trial in a Swedish court. There is no doubt that in case of conflict between these two norms, the priority and supremacy with the principle of international jurisdiction of domestic courts will be.

Considering what has been said and considering the major and continuous violations of fundamental human rights by Mr. Reisi, which due to its multiplicity and severity, is also an example of “genocide and crime against humanity” and the prescribing jurisdiction of domestic courts to prosecute Major violators of human rights and fundamental human rights have been detained if he arrives in New York.

“The Third Way Movement – The Way to Save Iran”
Qasim Shula Saadi

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