Can introverts marry extroverts?

According to Borna; According to most psychologists Marriage An introvert is possible with an extrovert, but he has a condition, and that condition is consciousness. This means that as an introvert or extrovert we need to know about our personality type as well as the personality type of our opponent. This makes us understand the other side well.

What is the difference between introversion and extroversion?

The common perception of the difference between the two is that one is shy and the other is passionate; This idea, though it may be true, is one Law is not. According to the Swiss philosopher and psychiatrist Carl Jung, there are different degrees of introversion and extroversion. So here are some things we need to know about these two personality types:

Check the social status

“Extroverts from the outside world and introverts from loneliness,” says Carl Jung Energy they take.” Extroverts like to spend most of their time at outings and parties to get acquainted with new maples and experience new places. Stranger is a foreign word to extroverts, but introverts enjoy loneliness more and often like to be away from the spotlight.

Despite the social differences between the two groups, it is possible for the parties to agree with each other in order to strike a balance in this regard and at the same time strengthen their relationship.


Extroverts can usually do it easily Difficulties Express yourself with others. They often tend to express their feelings, thoughts and issues. Introverts, on the other hand, are generally quiet and analyze issues within themselves.

Since talking about issues and managing disputes for Health Marital life is essential, in such cases it is necessary for the introvert to get out of the cave alone and get emotionally close to his wife.


Extroverts are not afraid of danger. They may engage in more risky behaviors than an introvert. In fact, extroverts are exposed to dopamine risk in their brains and feel great, but introverts often weigh the pros and cons of each risk. In this case, the introvert can not stop the other party, who has an extroverted personality, from taking risks, but he can be encouraging and look for opportunities to support healthy risk-taking.

How can introverts marry extroverts?

These differences may seem like a bad thing, but keep in mind that based on a survey of 365 couples with different personality types, all of them reported having happy and stable marriages. One study also found that differences in personality types were not associated with marital problems, and that contrasting introversion / extroversion in particular did not adversely affect the quality of a marriage, but to succeed in such marriages it is important to note the following:


Although differences may lead to increased differences and conflicts, an introverted and extroverted couple can complement each other and create the ground for each other to grow. So it’s up to you to choose how you see the differences: a factor to increase the tension or a path to Growth And progress ?!

Couples who are different in this dimension can learn a lot from each other. Introverts can aim to expand the social world and gain new experiences from the outside world, while extroverts can find themselves building a richer inner world.

Use each other’s strengths

If one of you is better at certain social situations and the other is more thoughtful and more careful in making decisions, focus on those strengths and use them.

Accept the differences

Do not try to make the other person look like you, as this can lead to differences. Often, introverts can become extroverts, say, laugh, and socialize, depending on the circumstances in which they find themselves, but since these individuals are inherently introverted, they change status only according to circumstances.

Find dual entertainment

One of the problems that can lead to controversy in introverted and extroverted marriages is the difference in entertainment, but you can manage this difference by choosing mutual entertainment as well as entertainment that is of interest to both. Consider going to the beach as an example. The extrovert can spend water with his children Play And Volleyball Be coastal while an introverted spouse can be on the sidelines Family Be and read books. Sometimes it is even necessary for one of the parties, against his inner desire, to respect his wife’s interest in order to form a better feeling between them.

Talk to each other

Keep in mind that there are differences between all couples, even couples who have the same personality type, but successful couples are working on their differences and trying to reach a common ground. The best way to get to know each other is to talk. Introverts, in particular, should keep in mind that unless they express their thoughts, they will not be able to inform the other party of the desires or things they do not like. These people, even if they do not have a good middle ground with speaking, should express their thoughts and feelings on paper. Extroverts should also keep in mind that they should not take the opportunity to speak out loud and lose the energy and motivation of the introvert. In such a relationship, both parties must be mindful of each other.

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