Basij thinking is a dynamic movement and the savior of the country from deep crises

According to reports Berna From public relations Army Air Force, Pilot Brigadier General Hamid Vahedi on Friday in a message on the occasion of the week Basij He added: The anniversary of the establishment of the noble family that flows from the river is approaching Revolution And I congratulate all the Basijis of this pure and holy land on the Ashura thought of the Imam, the sky of the ummah, watered and the sweet product of empathy, unity, endurance and jihadi identity.

The commander of the army air force added: “Basij thinking has been the savior of the country from deep crises for many years and the young seedlings that in the first years Islamic Revolution And before the start imposed war In the thinking of society ایران And literature political and social Our beloved country was planted, now with roots in the minds of the free the world Not only has it survived the onslaught of days, but as an influential thought in the countries of resistance, with the empathy of honorable people and the formation of popular mobilizations, it has become a dynamic and fruitful current, a thought that from the very beginning, as the greatest example of Ashura, Young, Men and women And … he did not believe and the policy and behavior of brotherhood and equality has been manifested in the mobilization of the oppressed.

In this congratulatory message, Nasiri pointed out: I am hopeful in the second step of the Islamic Revolution, this School love in Sustainable Development Country and move towards construction civilization The new Islam will be a maker.

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