Ayatollah Raeisi’s order to form a working group to study the situation of the province’s agricultural products

According to the Borna news agency from Gilan; Dr. Assadollah Abbasi this evening (Thursday) after holding a meeting of the assemblies of representatives and governors of the northern provinces with the President in a conversation with reporters explained the issues raised in this meeting and said: In this meeting, a clip of Difficulties The waste of Gilan was displayed and based on it, the President was asked to issue an order to solve this problem as the most important problem of the province.

He referred to Ayatollah Dr. Ra’isi’s attention to the issue of waste in the northern provinces and announced the establishment of an independent waste management department by order of the President.
Excellent representative Government In Gilan, referring to the issue Wetlands As a common concern of the Provincial Assembly and stating that the President was asked to allocate the required funds, he noted: Ministry of Power And the Environment Organization, the President ordered the review and preparation of documents for effective follow-up.
He mentioned the problems of natural resources, watershed management and water stress as the concerns of villagers and farmers as other issues raised at the meeting, which the President ordered to review the issue in the relevant provincial council and send the results to the center for consideration.
The governor of Gilan also instructed Ayatollah Ra’isi to form a working group to investigate the situation Crops In the province, he reported that problems should be addressed in this way.
He reminded: the issue of 1,113 stagnant and semi-active units of Gilan out of 3,000 industrial units, Tourism And Agriculture The province was also raised in this meeting and we asked to address this issue.
He added: Regarding the condition of the dams under construction, the remaining eight kilometers of the Qazvin-Rasht freeway and the connection rail Rasht to the Caspian port and then to Bandar Anzali and Astara were also asked to submit a report and provide the necessary credit resources to expedite the process of construction and completion.
Dr. Abbasi Allocating the necessary funds for dredging and organizing rivers and dams and also presenting a report on the implementation of the production leap plan Housing In the province, he mentioned other issues that were raised in the meeting with the President.
In this meeting, each of the representatives of the people of Gilan in Parliament They also expressed the province’s problems, views and opinions.
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