Announcement of the status of Persepolis players’ warnings for the derby In the team

There is only one two-card player in the Persepolis football team, who will not have a problem participating in the derby if this player is not fired in the next game.

– Persepolis football team will host Masjed Soleiman Oil in the seventh week of the Premier League on Monday. Students of Yahya Golmohammadi will face Esteghlal in the eighth week of the Premier League after playing against Faraz Kamalvand, but the hopeful thing for Persepolis is that none of them. The players of both teams are not in danger of being suspended from the derby.

Except for Mehdi Torabi, who received a yellow card in the game against Nesaji and Naft Abadan, the other members of this team are single cards, and for this reason, Persepolis players will not lose the match against Esteghlal if they receive a yellow card in the game against Masjed Soleyman Oil. That in the next match, the players of this team will receive a red card from the referee.

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