An efficient education system is the basis for achieving lofty goals

Referring to Islam’s emphasis on acquiring knowledge, the parliamentary vice president said: “With an efficient education system, we will be able to achieve our lofty and lofty goals.”

According to the public relations of the Deputy for Parliamentary Affairs; Seyed Mohammad Hosseini, Parliamentary Vice President, in the first national conference, the statement of the second step of the revolution on the role of Farhangian University in creating a new Iranian Islamic civilization, referring to the eve of Unity Week, said: “Unity is a matter of civilization and any society If this category is not taken into consideration, it will inevitably lead to weakness and failure. Unity is something that has received special attention in Islam.

He added: words such as “strike”, “cooperation” and “relationship” all refer to the promotion of society and the development of Islamic civilization.
Hosseini considered the issue of acquiring knowledge as one of the most emphasized and important issues in Islam and stated that attention to science should be considered from childhood, stating: “Creating interest in learning science among children and adolescents is one of the missions of education.” Teachers are expected to engage their children in science.

Referring to the narration of the Infallible (AS), the Parliamentary Vice President continued: “Among the virtues such as Hajj and giving alms, personal worship and fasting, it is this knowledge that is from a higher position.”

He continued by stating that a society that is knowledgeable and insightful will definitely be a progressive society: Achieving a new Islamic civilization requires requirements, and in order to reach the desired situation from the current situation, a lot of effort must be made.

He added: “The nation and the ummah must be ready for change in order to achieve the desired goals, and from this perspective, efficient and courageous forces, transformationalists and justice seekers are needed, whose training is based on this education.”

Hosseini said: “With an efficient education system, we will be able to achieve our lofty and sublime goals.”

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