Allocation of 1150 billion Tomans of oil credit to Fars social responsibility projects

The Minister of Oil announced that the Ministry of Oil will allocate 1,150 billion tomans of credit for the implementation of social responsibility projects, including welfare, educational, cultural and road construction projects in Fars province.

According to the government’s information base, quoted by the Ministry of Oil, Javad Oji this afternoon (Thursday, October 13) in the meeting of the administrative council of Firoozabad, Farashband, Qir and Karzin cities, referring to the 13th government’s determination to solve the problems of different people, said: The issues and problems that people raised today were in the field of oil and partly in the fields of water, water tensions, agriculture and social issues. Let’s settle.

He emphasized: a large part of the approvals and credits that were considered for Fars province during two meetings in Tehran, will be allocated to social responsibility projects of this province, a large part of this credit will be for the improvement and construction of Shiraz-Kabad-Firoozabad road and also Assaluyeh-Jam road (where we have received many reports of heavy traffic and accidents) will be allocated.

The Minister of Oil announced the amount of capital allocated for the improvement of Assaluyeh to Jam road as 800 billion Tomans and stated: 300 billion Tomans of this figure will be paid in cash and 500 billion Tomans through new projects that the Ministry of Oil predicts to finance new projects. Has been allocated.

Pointing out that Fars province has the second largest gas reserves in the country and has a daily production capacity of 114 million cubic meters of gas, Oji added: “With the development of new gas fields, 114 million cubic meters per day will be added to the province’s production capacity.” It will bring new blessings to the region.

Emphasizing the determination of the Ministry of Oil to develop Agar and Dalan fields and the second phase of Farashband refinery development in the near future, he said: from the implementation of these projects, about 240 million cubic meters of gas will be produced daily in Fars province; The contractor for these projects will be identified soon and will start work. The implementation of these projects will pave the way for development in the province and, in addition to creating jobs, will solve a large part of the province’s problems.

Allocating 250 billion tomans of credit for 250 welfare projects

Referring to the definition of a number of social responsibility projects in Fars province with the cooperation of the governorate, the Minister of Oil said: about 250 billion tomans of credit will be allocated to 250 welfare, educational and cultural projects in this province, which is unprecedented in the field of social responsibility of the Ministry of Oil.

Emphasizing that in the development plans of Fars province oil industry, each project that is approved will be spent up to four percent of its credits in the field of social responsibility in these areas, Oji added: the development of a digital gas field will cost about 500 to 600 million dollars. I assure you that in the development of squares in Fars province up to four percent of this cost, as we announced in Ilam, we will allocate to this province.

Fars Green Province is supplied with gas

Referring to gas supply to more than 100 villages in Fars province by the end of this year with approved credits, the Minister of Oil said: “God willing, Fars province will be one of the green gas supply provinces in the first half of next year and no village in this province will benefit from gas.” Does not stay.

Ministry of Oil ready to supply feed to newly established petrochemical complexes

Oji mentioned the completion and construction of new petrochemicals, including Firoozabad Petrochemical, among other issues raised during the trip, adding: “According to the law, the Ministry of Oil is not allowed to invest in this sector, but we are ready to provide any support if investors welcome it.” Implement the necessary food supply and licenses.

He also pointed to holding meetings with the managers of Khatam al-Anbia (PBUH) construction camp to determine the task of Firoozabad Petrochemical: Large holdings such as Shermat Persian Gulf Petrochemical Industries, Parsian Holding, etc. in the country have the capacity to invest in this sector and with Considering the profitability of petrochemical products, there is a good capacity to encourage investment in this field and it is undoubtedly welcomed.

The Minister of Oil considered the issue of water and water tensions in Fars province as one of the other challenges raised in this trip and emphasized: We believe that the people of this region are a blessing and with the efforts of the 13th government and the efforts of all officials, issues and Problems will be solved, God willing.

“After the vaccine and the corona, the livelihood of the people was one of the most important concerns for the president, and we hope that with the intensive meetings that will be held, we will be able to address this issue,” Oji said. It is a very important issue, let’s resolve it in the government.

He said: “Despite the sanctions, these problems are not small and people need to be patient and tolerant about this; Now, even developed countries are struggling with the problem of fuel supply, but despite the shortcomings they face, they still do not allow the lifting of sanctions on Iran, but God willing, the people will be blessed and the problems can be solved.

The Minister of Oil reminded: In our visits to different segments of the people, including nomads and nomadic tribes, we wrote down all the points and issues raised and, God willing, we will follow up and the issues can be resolved; This government and all the ministers have the will to solve the problems with the facilities and capacities of the country.

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