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According to Tazeh News, and quoting Fararo, Alam al-Huda said in a part of Friday prayer sermons in Mashhad: “Today we have water problems in all provinces and this issue is not only related to a few provinces of Isfahan, Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari and Yazd, and this problem is a major part of it.” It is related to the decrease in rainfall in the country. Of course, not only our country is affected by this problem, but this is a global climate issue, and other countries are also affected by it.

He continued: When the rainfall is low, the problem does not arise with gathering, gathering against God is useless, but gathering should be done in the rain prayer.

The Friday Imam of Mashhad pointed to the history of the Mirabi system in the old Iranian traditions and said: with the revival of this Mirabi system, the correct division of the current water supply of the country should be done and this should be done by government agencies.

Alam al-Huda added: “Now that we are suffering from drought, we must change the cultivation, if in the south of Khorasan Razavi, people changed the cultivation and solved the problem in many areas by cultivating low-water crops.”

He added: “We should avoid flood irrigation, and with this drought, we should change these traditional methods of irrigating our fathers, and the Basij brothers and the agricultural elite, with the help and assistance of the people, should replace drip irrigation with the old methods.”

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