Acceptance of 453 children of Isfahani clients in the national entrance examination

According to Fars News Agency, quoting the public relations and information of the Isfahan Relief Committee, Karim Zare stated at the celebration of the elites supported by this organization: This year, 453 children of Isfahani clients after participating in Entrance Exam Successfully joined the ranks of students supported by relief.

Director General of Imam Khomeini Relief Committee of Isfahan Province, referring to the admission of 3 of these students in the field of medicine of public universities, added: “Previously, 2,700 students benefited from scholarship facilities, and this year another 453 people They were added to this number, which shows the scientific effort and ability of the covered clients.

He said that the purpose of holding this ceremony, in addition to encouraging the selected high-ranking students, is to strengthen the motivation of other high school students and continued: Supported families will play an important role in the not-too-distant future.

Emphasizing the great efforts of these students, despite all the problems and shortcomings, and to succeed in the entrance exam and build a bright future for themselves, Zare said: Isfahan Provincial Relief Committee is working with charities and philanthropists in all stages of education, in coordination with educational institutions Relevant and holding training courses to provide the ground for the success of all students.

At the end of the ceremony, special gifts were presented to the best people in the 1400 entrance exam who, with the support of the relief committee, succeeded in entering the fields of study in the country’s top universities.

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