Abdullah Rawa jokes in the Czech video program with the strange move of Mehdi Mehdipour during the meeting between Esteghlal and Mazandaran Textile

During the match between Esteghlal Tehran and Nesaji Mazandaran in the Premier League, Esteghlal player Mehdi Mehdipour made a strange move in the middle of the field. The host of the video check program, Abdullah Rawa, also showed an interesting reaction to this strange move by the star of Esteghlal Club.

Iran Football News Agency ParsFootball.com:

Esteghlal and Nesaji reached a goalless draw in an exciting and spectacular match at Azadi Stadium, amidst numerous opportunities.

Esteghlal and Nesaji played one of the most beautiful games in the 21st league. A spectacular, sensitive and exciting meeting that was revived with the presence of the spectators. The two teams lost many opportunities in this game, and in the end, the efforts of both teams ended in a goalless draw.

The critical moments of this game started with the textile position in the 11th minute. Where Ayub Kalantari was trying to score with a powerful shot Esteghlal But Rezaei controlled the ball in two stages. The Blues then had half and half chances in several scenes until they lost the best possible opportunity in the 28th minute.

At this moment, Moradmand first threatened the textile goal with a strong shot, which Alireza Haghighi repelled the ball with a timely reaction. Do a spectacular double save. Yazdani’s rebound went dangerously wide of the goal.

Textile also missed some good opportunities. The most important of them was the one-on-one situation that was won by the sheriff, but the player’s procrastination caused Daneshgar to send the ball to the corner. Then there were situations on the gates that ended the game with a goalless draw.

The first 15 minutes of the second half were followed by no special situation until a spectacular shot was fired from the goal with the least possible difference. On this stage, Alireza Haghighi was watching the ball, and if the ball was in the frame, the textile gate would open. Zested and Mehdipour continued to have good scoring opportunities, which were missed. Kevin Yamga also got the ball several times inside the penalty area, but the player’s poor controls prevented Esteghlal from scoring.

In the 85th minute, it was Alireza Rezaei who saved Esteghlal’s goal from imminent danger. The escape of the defenders from Ali Al-Kathir and the one-on-one situation that this player gained, was accompanied by the timely and good exit of the Blues’ defenders, and Rezaei kept his team in the game with a spectacular reaction.

In the last minutes, there were opportunities for both teams, but the players’ attempts to score were in vain, until finally the match between Esteghlal and Nesaji ended without a goal with the utmost excitement and stress, and the Blues lost the top of the table.

In the middle of this match, Esteghlal player Mehdi Mehdipour made a strange move in the middle of the field. عبداله روا Executor Video check program Time to this strange star move Esteghlal Club Showed an interesting reaction.

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