A note from a meeting with the seven-year-old daughter of Hafiz and the commentator of the Holy Quran

According to Borna, Navid Reza Khadivi, director general of the relief committee’s administrative affairs, said in a note: “When it comes to divine miracles, the subconscious mind goes to a work that is extraordinary or beyond human ability. But the fact is that God’s miracles are many in this world, we just have to search to find it.

Atieh, a seven-year-old girl living in the city of Zirkuh in South Khorasan, who was able to memorize the entire Holy Quran at an early age despite the deprivation and hardships of life, interprets the Holy Quran and recites divine verses in a pleasant and childish tone.

May God bless Ahsan al-Khaliqin, that small house, despite Atiyah Khanum, seemed to have become the center of the universe; And what a blessing it was to be such a clear sign from God under that guest roof. A miracle embodied in a small body from which divine light emanated. He answered the questions with interpretation and used the verses and words of God to explain his words, and what a greater honor than serving the guardians of blessings like this genius girl and memorizer of the whole Holy Qur’an; The basis and philosophy of forming the Imam Khomeini Relief Committee is based on this, supporting the deprived and empowering them in various dimensions, including cultural empowerment with emphasis on maintaining family unity and promoting self-esteem.

Acquaintance with Atieh Khanum was obtained during a trip to South Khorasan province. The family of this luminous girl lives in a village in the Zirkuh area, where her 44-year-old father was engaged in agriculture until a few years ago, but successive droughts, along with falling canal water, destroyed her garden and crops, making her life difficult. . But this compassionate father did not give up and for his daughter to prosper, he was forced to move to the city center in order to earn an income and provide for the family one day.

Now the relief committee has come to support this needy family so that Atieh’s unique talent will not be smoked in the fire of life’s hardships.

But perhaps the most beautiful picture of meeting Atieh Khanum was when she was asked if she had any wishes or gifts. While considering the age of this little angel, we were waiting for the girl to request a toy or something similar, she resolutely asked for a complete series of interpretations of the Qur’an to fascinate everyone with the greatness of this divine miracle. Tears welled up in our eyes and squeezed our throats; Where are we? Where is this divine gift?

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