75% of seventh to twelfth grade students received the first dose of corona vaccine

Dr. Mohammad Ahmadian stated: Since the beginning of vaccination of students, 264,988 people in the age group of 12 to 18 years under the auspices of the University of Medical Sciences, which includes the seventh to twelfth grades, have received the first dose of corona vaccine; Also, out of a total of 553 thousand and 470 thousand first and second grade high school students in the province, 408 thousand and 955 people have received their first dose of vaccine so far, thus 75% of students in the province and the area covered by this university have been vaccinated and less than a month apart. They will receive a second dose.

He said: “Vaccination of students started with the age group of 17 to 18 years old, which is the twelfth grade, and then the age group of 12 to 17 years old, which is the seventh to eleventh grade, was added.”

The Director of Family and School Population Health of Mashhad University of Medical Sciences stated that the vaccination of students is done in 3 stages, noting that the first and second stages, which included the twelfth and seventh to eleventh grades, are currently underway, but regarding the time of the stage. Third, the Ministry of Health and Medical Education has not yet issued instructions regarding the vaccination of first to sixth grade students.

Dr. Ahmadian added: “Apart from vaccinating students, the work of vaccinating educators is also underway, and so far 84,294 educators in the province, equivalent to 91% of the first dose, 54,233 and equivalent to 58% of the second dose of their corona vaccine, are doing so.” have received.

Regarding the latest plans for the reopening of schools, he clarified: “The reopening of schools in November will be in accordance with the conditions, and if we enter the sixth wave of the corona crisis, the decision of the provincial headquarters to deal with the corona will be taken.”

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