6 Clever Ways You Should Be Using Beeswax Around the House

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For repairs and maintenance of tools and furniture, beeswax is a versatile, natural, and low-waste option that can be used as a lubricant, a protective coating, and a sealant. It can condition your cutting boards and help prevent your tools from rusting.

Before you go about melting beeswax to tackle your to-do list, though, remember that whatever you melt it in will likely remain waxed for life. Use a double boiler to help melt the wax evenly without taking it above its relatively low boiling point. (You can make your own double boiler by sacrificing a mason jar or clean coffee can and placing that in a saucepan of water for heating.) Be careful with the hot wax—wear gloves and cover your forearms to protect your skin—as it can stick to your skin, resulting in particularly painful burns.

Now that it’s melted, let’s go use it.

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