$ 4.5 billion of capital will be allocated to the development of the upstream gas sector in Fars

The Minister of Oil announced that the Ministry of Oil of the 13th government is investing 4 billion and 500 million dollars in the field of increasing pressure and development of gas fields in Fars province.

According to the government’s information base, quoted by the Ministry of Oil, Javad Oji today (Thursday, October 13) on his fifth provincial trip on the sidelines of visiting the Farashband gas refinery said: Fars, the second holder of gas reserves in the country after Bushehr province, has production capacity It is 114 million cubic meters of gas per day, most of which in the southwestern basin includes the areas of Agar and Dalan, Tabnak, Shanol, Varavi and Homa.

Emphasizing that no investment has been made in the upstream and downstream sectors of gas fields and refineries in recent years, he said: , Shanol, Tabnak, Homa and Varavi, increase pressure and development of new gas fields, use the daily empty capacity of 140 million cubic meters of gas refineries, especially in Fars and Bushehr provinces.

Increase of 110 million cubic meters of gas production capacity in Fars

Referring to the existence of 13 gas fields in Fars province, of which 6 fields have been developed so far and seven others are still not on the development agenda, the Minister of Oil added: “With the development of new fields, 110 million cubic meters has been added to Fars province’s gas production capacity It becomes.

Emphasizing the use of empty capacities of Farashband, Parsian and gas refineries in Bushehr province, Oji said: “The average daily gas production capacity in Fars province is 114 million cubic meters, which with the development of new gas fields, the daily production capacity of natural gas in this province will be 230.” Up to 240 million cubic meters.

He added: “Development of the second phase of Farashband gas refinery is on the agenda and we promise that within the next three to four years, the daily natural gas production capacity of Agar field will increase by 20 million cubic meters in the second phase and the production capacity of Farashband refinery will increase.” The current 42 million cubic meters reaches 65 million cubic meters.

Allocation of 1150 billion Tomans of oil credit to Fars welfare projects

The Minister of Oil also announced the allocation of 1150 billion tomans of credit by the Ministry of Oil to social responsibility projects in Fars province during this trip and said: this credit is intended for welfare, educational, health and road construction projects, of which 800 billion tomans are for road construction. And 250 billion tomans of it has been considered for 249 welfare, educational and cultural projects, including assistance to Shiraz Zeinabieh Hospital and the Technology Complex (15 billion Tomans), which, God willing, the Technology Complex will be operational by the end of this year.

Oji added: “In the field of social responsibility, we believe that in proportion to the development of fields and gas and oil reserves, people should also benefit from the benefits of neighboring industrial projects, so in this trip, the Ministry of Oil has allocated 1150 billion tomans.”

Connection of 100 villages and 460 Fars industrial units to the gas network by the end of 1400

He added: “God willing, some of these projects will be operational by the end of this year and some by the end of 1401;” Also, by the end of this year, 100 villages in Fars province and 460 industrial units will be connected to the gas network.

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