300 simultaneous sports programs are run in West Azerbaijan

According to the Fars news agency from Urmia, Kiomars Pourirandost This afternoon, on the first day of the week of sports and Paralympics, attending the tomb of the martyrs of Oshnoyeh and the tomb of Jahan Pahlavan سیامند Rehman said: “Meeting and celebrating sports heroes, chanting and laying flowers at the shrines of martyrs, holding various sports competitions, morning sports of hiking and walking, sports festivals and car races are among the most important programs this week.”

He said: 300 programs will be held in the province to celebrate the week of sports and Paralympics.

He referred to the favorable promise of the officials to build a monument to the world champion سیامند Rehman said: the necessary follow-ups have been done with the coordination of the relevant agencies for this purpose and the first phase of this memorial will be inaugurated on the second anniversary of this famous hero.

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