2 lucky faces to meet Persepolis and Naft

According to Borna; Hamed Lak’s strange mistake in the last minutes of the game Persepolis And Oil Industry To equalize, but from his good luck, the ball hit the post to Persepolis to finally win, although Lak made up for this mistake in the last seconds of the game and saved his team with a good reaction.

On the other hand, according to many experts, Persepolis unintentionally ignored the healthy goal and a penalty of this team, and it should be said that he was also very lucky that Milad Sarlak scored a goal and Persepolis Play Otherwise all the bowls of the jars would have been ruined on his head.

students Yahya Golmohammadi In total, they deserved to win for 90 minutes and got their pay, but in any case, Hamed Lak and the referee should be considered one of the luckiest faces in the match between Persepolis and Sanat. Oil Assumed.

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