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Trump’s Clemency Came After Displays of Loyalty by Stone

17 hours ago

The extraordinary decision to commute the prison sentence of an embattled adviser demonstrates how the president has managed to bend America’s legal machinery to his advantage.

Trump’s Taxes May Be Released — Eventually

1 day ago

The Supreme Court said President Trump couldn’t block a request for his financial records by prosecutors in New York.

The Fate of Trump’s Financial Records

1 day ago

In a stunning defeat for the president, the Supreme Court ruled against his claims that he was immune to an examination of his finances.

11 of Our Best Weekend Reads

1 day ago

Lessons from the pandemic. A car-free future. Elephants in crisis. New fiction. Ennio Morricone dies. A behind-the-scenes look at the New York City subway. And more.

Fact-Checking Biden on the Coronavirus and His Own Record

1 day ago

The presumptive Democratic nominee has assailed President Trump’s pandemic response and sought to shore up his left flank.

Democrats Want Joe Biden to Go Big to Beat Trump

1 day ago

This election, some Democrats argue, offers the party the provocative possibility of a new path to the presidency, even as others warn against overconfidence.

For Oklahoma Tribe, Supreme Court Case Brings Vindication at Long Last

1 day ago

After decades of betrayals and broken treaties, the Supreme Court ruled that much of Oklahoma is their land, after all.

In a Term Full of Major Cases, the Supreme Court Tacked to the Center

1 day ago

Doling out victories to both sides, the court led by Chief Justice John Roberts seemed to strive to avoid charges of partisanship.

In Texas Beach City, Out-of-Towners Drove In an Outbreak

1 day ago

A month ago, Corpus Christi had hardly any cases of coronavirus and business was booming. Now it is struggling to contain one of the state’s fastest growing outbreaks. What happened?

Schools Reopening: Teachers Fearful, Angry Over Pressure to Return

1 day ago

Teachers say crucial questions about how schools will stay clean, keep students physically distanced and prevent further spread of the virus have not been answered.

How to Reopen Schools: What Science and Other Countries Teach Us

1 day ago

The pressure to bring American students back to classrooms is intense, but the calculus is tricky with infections still out of control in many communities.

Coronavirus Live Updates: As U.S. Cases Rise, States Weigh New Restrictions

1 day ago

U.S. plan to reopen schools puts teachers under pressure. India is reimposing restrictions as outbreaks spread. Kansas sees record surges, but keeps the data opaque.

In Latin America, the Pandemic Threatens Equality Like Never Before

1 day ago

Over the past two decades, inequality in Latin America had fallen to the lowest point in its recorded history. The pandemic threatens to reverse that. We traveled 1,000 miles across Colombia to document this critical moment.

‘I Couldn’t Do Anything’: The Virus and an E.R. Doctor’s Suicide

1 day ago

Dr. Lorna Breen was unflappable — until she faced a new enemy.

Trump Adds Roger Stone to His List of Pardons and Commutations

1 day ago

The president’s decision to commute Mr. Stone’s sentence continues a pattern of his presidency: granting clemency to friends whose cases resonate with him personally.

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